Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Created On Purpose


“When a great and decisive work is to be done, God chooses men and women to do this work, and it will see the loss if the talents of both are not combined.” (Ellen White, Evangelism, page 469).

Duties and Responsibilities 


Elders will be called upon to work in numerous areas of church life. These include:

  • The administration and organization of the local church, as well as helping members utilize their spiritual gifts • Leading the congregation in outreach that moves toward church growth
  • Assuring that new converts are cared for both spiritually and relationally
  • Leading worship services and activities
  • Preaching
  • Visitation
  • Participating in church committees
  • Actively maintaining a pastor-elder working relationship
  • Mentoring members to become strong leaders.

(Elder Quick Start Guide, GC.)